Wednesday 27 July 2011

I love you Internet, I'm sorry I treat you like a £5 hooker / toasted sandwich maker... 1/2

Photo By: Pat Skiv

Yeah, so this has been a long time coming.
I didn't even see the point in a yearly review I've posted so little on here! Rest assured that I have about 50 posts in drafts, none of which are completed and / or good enough to be published. I have mentioned on here a few times before that my day job on occasion interferes with my casual blogging.
It's the kind of interference that I enjoy the most but I feel like I should point out that I have something really quite awesome going on at the start of these posts now... Don't complain! It could be worse!
I could open every post with a picture of my arse or something!


Anyway, the last few weeks have seen two interesting sets of threes.

I present to you Trio #1 courtesy of a conversation with my pal Nick.
We were talking about music.

He did not realise the following things:
1)There have been 500'000 members in Fleetwood Mac.
2)Japan know about Jazz.
3)Toe are a fucking amazing band from Japan that know about Jazz but don't play Jazz... as far as I know.

This resulted in me posting the following three YouTube videos on his page on some kind of popular social networking site or other:

"TBA on flyers always made me think about getting vaccinated"