Thursday, 30 July 2009

It's the 'Dot Com' that makes us international...
(I'm the only broken record on this show.)

(Pics by @ABC4 & @CJ_and_Daz)
Hello you!

Did I mention that i'm in Canadia?

I introduced Alex's Brothers Cousin to Geordie Star Wars last night. He confessed afterwards that as funny as he had found it he only followed aboot a third of the dialogue. You be the judge:

Clicky for Gusgreeper.
Yesterday also featured the recording of the first ever "proper" session of Liquid Inspiration Podcast. We had always known that the recording of Session 1 would coincide with my visit to the colonies but with a little inexpensive technology purchase and a smidge of British "outside of the box / In the shed" style thinking, we were able to record as normal. Corinna sat in as a special guest and it made for a truly international podcasting sensation!

Clicky here to download the show!

It's the .com that makes us international.

"It's the constant banging on aboot it that makes it international"

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