Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Joe Pepper Jones and the Slapper Palace.

Clicky for (all pics by @gusgreeper & @ABC4... one pic by @cjscrisis)
Hello you insatiable lot!
I am having a wicked awesome time here in the city of Vancouver.
So much fun!
Due to my camera being half inched before my flight out here, the vast majority of the pictures of my trip over here have been lovingly snapped by Corinna or All Bother Chips.

Now, many of you may remember a short while ago me and Joe met two stoners in a pub and took a ride on the tube surrounded by fans. Remember? You may have even seen some of handsome Joe's Facebook pics?

Clicky for the Facebook pics of Joe Pepper Jones.
Well I had a surprise when I arrived here last week:

Clicky for Mrs Carlson's Flickr. Phaeds being in vancouver was a big surprise and an awesome one!

But It's still a thousand degrees out here as Vancouver battles the heat wave and so, true to my lazy lazy style...

Random photo mash!

Clicky for Mrs Carlson's Flickr.

A big thank you for funsies to Also Bemuses Cats, Mrs Carlson, Mojave, Ms Spockette and Phaedra.

"Now there's a concept I can't get enough of, one man and his monkey"

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Phaedra said...

Awesome sauce! I get to see you and Joe soon in Camden. It's on, bruva!