Monday, 27 July 2009

What is a Mojave?

Clicky for the best worst show on the internets (Pic by @ABC4)

Nobody knows what it is!

Hello you silly billies!

I trust you have all found this quality item and if you haven't then I strongly suggest that you do, It now is also available on iTunes. Just search Liquid Inspiration Podcast in the iTunes store. It's free you fool! You might as well.

I am still alive and looking like a man from the past here in Canada despite the insane heat and the plentiful and delicious alcoholic beverages.

I am however, today, very very hungover and so I have taken it upon myself to write a small info update here.
This week I have mostly been critiquing the cultural differences between the beautiful country of Canada and smelly old Blighty.

These are updated several times a day and can be found here and also here.
Some might say this is somewhat of a cop out of a post, I am sure that I will be posting many many pictures of my visit here over the next few days. For now be quiet and enjoy:

C.J Hixon culture update: I met a chap from Ipswich last night. Canadians will let anyone through the border. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: Canadians are very forgiving when you "Bruce Campbell" their morning coffee. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: Have just enjoyed a delicious bowl of what the indigenous people call "Kraft Dinner". #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: Omnipitant beings apparently cancel fireworks out here. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: The Geordie accent does not translate over here. #GeordieStarWars #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: Freezers here feature slabs of actual "Arctic Sensibility" perfect for beer o'clock. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: showers also feature a binary hot/cold dial... Fancy! #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: Squirrels in Canada roam the streets wealding baseball bats and foul language. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: spotted @jeckles "Soul Beard" whilst gobbing off on: #Canada #SBR

C.J Hixon culture update: Marlboro Reds are made by B&H out here. #Canada

C.J Hixon culture update: I have seen these small countries driving around the city and have discovered that they are called "trucks". #Canada

"What is it? It's a mojave!"

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