Friday, 24 July 2009

Oh Canadia... (not a typo)

Clicky for YVR... the place not the track. Hello you!

If you were not aware I am in Canada. Vansterdam! For The Win!

The next few posts will be typed on a mac on the other side of the world to where these things generally get punched out one fingered on an antiquated six stone laptop. I'm thinking that this is going to work out just fine.

I received a bit of a massive treat last night.
I listened to a full episode of Shitty Blog Radio LIVE! Because of the time difference rather than it being on around 04:00ish it was on around 19:00ish. I even got Skyped onto the show with All Bottoms Crinkle, Mrs Carlson and Gus. There was some pretty healthy discussion and some stereotypical behavior from all involved. If you would like to hear this episode it can be legally downloaded here.

I imagine that these posts will be fairly short and sweet for the time that i'm out here.
After all I am on holiday.


"You can go away now"

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