Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Wake up. Start again.
(Incorperating the death and re-birth of my vintage laptop, How to break a foot, Liquid Inspiration Podcast and Joe)

This is what happens when your antique laptop gives up the ghost and you find yourself without scrobbles and email for two weeks.

Actually no. This is what happens when you go without Interwebs and Scrobbles for two weeks:

It's the .com that makes it cool. Sexy.

Actually no, the fact is the best thing one can do in such a situation of this type is go about creating a form of Internet only media, something that can only be accessed with a fully functional computer and an Internet connection...

..."Like what?" you may ask.

It's the .com that makes us international. My boozy "after school" project with this fine young gentleman:

It's the .com that makes us international. A man that laughs in the face of the French language then throws 'Beef Dripping' sandwiches at it for being a ponce, a man that knows nothing about sports that can't be played whilst drinking a pint of lager, a man that is simply known as Bromley Daz.

Good good.

Whilst I was on my net vacation rumours got out that I was either incarcerated for rigging the Iranian election or that I was on the run in order to escape a DNA test that would prove that I sired at least two of Micheal Jackson's children.
Subsequently some handsome man took it upon himself to produce a shirt that is sweeping the fashion world like a small Victorian boy up a particularly filthy chimney:

Clicky for buying ability. I have beard jealousy.

So yes, what have we learned?
Do download your free copy of Liquid Inspiration Podcast.
Always enjoy your scrobbles.
And never ever eat a phall before Blogging /Flying internationally / Sitting on the floor in front of your newly repaired laptop for prolonged periods of time. Take it from me.

What the fuck was that all about?

Who honestly knows or cares?

I'm back baby!


"More on how to kill a foot soon..."

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