Thursday, 3 September 2009

Maybe this is the "Fail Whale" of internet posts...
If the "Fail Whale" was fucking awesome!

(all pics by @gusgreeper, @abc4 & a surprising amount by @cjscrisis)

Hello Sausage & Mash fans!

C.J here. Well this is an un finished post. I have hit the ground running since my visit to the English county of Canadia. I used to censor this blog for items that fall into three main categories. In a last ditch of censorship I will merely mention that one of those categories no longer exists due to a departure. and that is all I will say on the whole stupid fucking matter. However, this "Mystery Reason" is why this blog has stayed fairly dormant for the best part of a month... also I was on holiday for one week of missed posting. So here is the unfinished post from my adventures in the colonies Dated 04/08/09.

Don't worry. Daddy still loves you.

Eat up and enjoy you hooligans...


*Original post from 04/08/09*

Hello boo!

I started this post during my last full day of Canadian fun... Piss and Shit that was good times!
I'm seriously going to need to get some money together and move out there methinks.

I will be renewing my gargantuan opus writings of the "High Friends In Places" posts in the coming couple of months. I think it's time for another trio of installments, seeing as I had the foresight enough to not save them in the usual place and subsequently they survived the great "CJC" delete of '09.

Some things have happened, and when things happen certain people tend to call it news. Who knew?

On Sunday lots of handsome, young (and old) ladies and gentleman gathered in droves to be happy and jovial:

Also there was an oppotunity to become David Bailey for a few minutes as
Just a Girl of notibility was riding pillion in the start of the parade as part of the Dykes on Bikes. Because I was roasting in the heat I felt as though I had achieved something by clicking one or two stable photos.


If you are so inclined, pics from my visit to the Canadias can be seen here, also here, and of course here as well

"What is it? It's a Mojave!"

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abc4 said...

this is more of a message than a comment i guess, but i have an aversion to typing in a gmail window. its the constraint. i have a fairly clear memory of being locked in the dryer for a while as a youngster. it wasnt on but that shit sticks with you. i guess this window is smaller, but its a lot more inviting.

(background music)~"theres nothin nietzsche couldn't teach ya bout the raisin of the wrist, socrates himself was permanently pissed..."~

it was a pleasure to have you here again. corinna left for bali this morning, so maybe im getting introspective, or something. i unzipped my guitar for the first time in a year and im trying to get my fingers back, but these sausages are a little bumbly. i have to write a song for my sister's wedding next year, how cool is that? especially since i just cant seem to stand my dad. i was pretty distant from my sisters for a long time, but now i feel worthy enough to reclaim what we had. its a fucking great feeling, and i dont have many of those. at any rate, im thinkin about you because it finally started to rain again, its a blighty view, but its the one i know.
ta ta
dont pet the jordies