Wednesday, 16 September 2009

26?! EiTS & ATPR

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I'm 26. How did that happen?
A year has passed since the last stupid birthday is how.

Hello Smellys!
I'd like to tell you all about my recent birthday and tell the tale of how a young man fell slightly in love... With a Corsa Van.

Exhausted by this summers "Awesome Vacationism"© and various goings on in realms of life that I have no control over, My birthday this year was spent... At home.
I was tired. There's always cold beers and cider there. My vinyl and CDs are there. I kind of like it there. However, one cannot live in solitude around one's birthday.

You all remember Scott? My free "Legal Advisor" yeah? The beard to the left:

Clicky for bigger. He who has many "LOLOLOLOL" on the instant messenger thinger right?:

<span class= Well, he's only gone and fucked off up north to speak even more Japanese than before.
We stuffed the sum total of his life into the back of this tiny van:

Clicky for bigger. ...and we hit the bricks.

After unloading the tiny van and moving everything up 5 flights of stairs I rest in an armchair, dripping with sweat, wheezing and exhausted. I had driven us a little shy of 300 miles. I felt the need for rest. Scott walks into the room wearing a fresh t-shirt and a perplexed look on his face, checking his watch.
"We'd better go. Doors open in 50 minutes."
What he was referring to was Explosions In The Sky at The Leadmill, you know Explosions In The Sky right? Well that in it's self is a treat on any given day. What I was not prepared for was an evening of lovely people able to crack wise and accept a tired C.J in his natural late night kebab eating state.
"Who are these people?" you may well ponder. The sensible and tolerant souls from were in attendance to greet Scotto in the North.


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Do you see that? I hugged loads of them! One guy was even...

You know...


And even though he was Liverpudlian scum and we found him crying in the pub we all ended up in, we managed to console and slightly alienate him none the less.
So awesome were those cool cats from ATPR, I even sang their praises on Liquid Inspiration Podcast Session 6 - Lonely. A rare and delightful treat for them I'm sure... maybe... perhaps.

And that is the short, drama filled, alcohol fuelled story of how I feel the need to drive a shit Diesel Corsa Van more in the future.

"Thanks to Lottie for the pics. Quote of the night still stands as:
Ed: "I'm going to prove I'm not gay"
Us: "Okay?"
Ed then runs off to a couple walking out of the venue taps them on the shoulder:
Ed: "Hi, I'm Ed from the Internet!"...Delicious"

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