Sunday, 25 April 2010

What a few weeks!

What a few weeks!

Let's have a little recap shall we?

I saw John Smith in Canterbury and he was brilliant.

I suggest you all try and catch him this year:
Let me see what else...

I interviewed one of the funniest people I have ever downloaded into my earholes via the iTunes, Mr Zac Barclay.

And of course the band that gave the Internet an irreversible symptom: Sexiness, Son Of Robot fell into tiny sexy pieces.
Myself and Old Brommers simply HAD to attend their last ever orgy:

Noteworthyness: 1

Have I text that poor girl back yet: 0

Eat these:

"Deliciousness is in the eye of the guy who is clutching one side of his face screaming"


gusgreeper said...

the other day for #boobquake i COULD not get Son of Robot's, Get Your Nipples Out, out of my head. i really love that song, it speaks to me.

what a delicious post, just one question before i go DO you or Do you NOT like John Smith?????

C.J Hixon said...

I LOVE John. He is so awesome!