Sunday, 2 May 2010

C.J's Yearly Review 2009 - 2010

Oh Hi!

So, this ought to be interesting.

You know this shit got deleted last year right?

So I'll take it from the top...

This year I Woke up and started again, Fucked off to Canadia, Had a laugh with some wicked cool people in the North, Re-Wrote shakespeare, Acknowledged the comidic musings of others, Acknowledged the musical whimsies of others, Found a new religion, Produced a "How-To", Produced a "How-Not-To" and discovered the art of fine cooking.


Pics of the year are tied between the one from This post, a picture of me and Mrs C having a hug. Something of a moment for her as she never does hugs:

The one from This post. Me being very metal all over a weeping, black Liverpudlian gentleman:
Clicky for

...and myself and some very sexy, sweaty men:
...actually I haven't got around to posting that last one on here yet. Rest assured, It will be awesome though! Maybe I should save it for next year's review.

The winner of post of the year is a new one for me, On Friday 26th March 2010 I took a long walk around my beloved (Tr)Ashford in Kent. On Monday 29th March 2010 I posted the cleaverly titled: Pics-ing Englands Arse.
There's fuck all in the way of neuroticisms, swearing and...
well, writing!

Who'd of thunk it!

As always thanks to my friends and all of those that jeered me on this year:

Mr John
Mrs C
Am Button Christmas' 4
"L" to the "I" to the "P"
Son Of Robot
Mr LuKuS
Mr Bromley Daz
Mr Cribble
Mr Zac
Mr Jeckles
"What is it? It's a" Mojave

I would also like to thank:

The fine beers and terrible websites of Desperados
The sharp kick to the lungs by the people at Marlboro and Philip Morris
The frustration and stress of hosting a podcast on the ever cheap

Here's to another year of flipping my ruddy wig!


"I wish I could self reflect like that."

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i love that photos of us!