Thursday, 1 April 2010

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Hello you!
Seriously! Am I the only one that remembers when this here used to be a music blog?
No matter, It is what it is and what it is, is a cooking blog?!

But of course. Using my magic time machine I can tell you that on this weeks forthcoming session of Liquid Inspiration Podcast I mentioned that I would be cooking my very own brand of King Prawn Phall after reading about "Curry Addiction" on Wikipedia.

These are the startling results:
1 chopped red onion.
I like to use a sharp kitchen knife to chop the onion and the raw ginger.
I added three green chilies and drank a lager beer whilst taking stock of my actions. I believe it was the mental congratulations of my brilliance at this stage that gave the dish the added flavour and aroma.
Next I threw the prawns into the pan and drank some more beer.
Tinned chopped tomatoes were added along with some tomato Purée. I stirred the whole lot and knocked the heat down to around 4 on the electric hob scale. It was at this point I nipped outside for a smoke and checked emails on my iPod.
After fetching a fresh cold lager pilsener I then set about adding the delicious "Special ingredient":
I had already decided to sling in, what is essentially a dare in a small bottle... So I did:
I stirred the lot and drank in the smell of delicious and tasty heaven using my nose holes.
I then served the Phal on a bed of white rice with a side serving of very cold lager.
It was a fucking spicy Phall and it made my teeth feel like they were burning. I then set about the washing up and reveled in my triumphant success.

I recommend this dish to anybody that has little or no repect for their innards and / or rectum.

"Just Spoon feed it to me" LuKuS - 2009

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