Tuesday, 27 October 2009

You know from the get go, it's over.

Clicky for This Town Needs Guns site.
Hello friends, not lovers.

What a beautiful fucking week and a half this is!

Phaedra Tied the knot!

Clicky for Phaeds on CJC. CONGRATS! I'm pretty fucking stoked aboot that. Those guys are awesome together!

As a fan might surmise from the title, Yes! I'm going to see This Town Needs Guns in the jovial city of Brighton upon the Hove tomorrow night.
They made one of my favourite albums of '08 and as much as I shouldn't point one in these kinds of directions:

Clicky for The Sirens Sound This Town Needs Guns Page. I suggest you buy the album "Animals" as it truly is a piece of awesomeness and choc full of delicious musicianship.
I'm buying a T-shirt and some fucking vinyl in that place like you wouldn't believe!

Talking of buying a T-shirt and some fucking vinyl. I went to see This Will Destroy You last Wednesday in swinging London Town.

Myself, my buddy Reeves and my good friend Bromley Daz had a boozy awesome time, the band were great and I should've picked that fucking LP up when I saw them last year as they were all out of jeffing stock! Burgers. Good night though. Delicious.

I predict that a Lotto win is in my near future.
Very much like yours is tuning in to the podcast that makes all other podcasts sound like they're all channeling dead, crazy, shit radio personalities.

Now that is the anti-burgers.



"You know from get go it’s over, it’s already meant from the start, and you know from get go, it’s already fallen apart. You know in time as much would’ve happened to us, our feelings blow out like a lamp light."

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