Sunday, 13 December 2009

Top 5 for 2009

I wouldn't trust them with 20p let alone how ever far I can throw them.

Hello You!

Does any fucker remember when this thing was a music blog? Seriously!
This url was some kind of music blog in 2006!
Honest! I was there!


Here it is, the list that in many respects should actually be a top ten, halved, bastardised and thoroughly buggered in the face with two spatulas, a tennis racket and a very pale and flaccid penis.

Quick Disclaimer: It would be silly of me to include any
Son Of Robot.
Every song released since time began is a poor man's Son Of Robot and thus none of their releases will be included in this post in order to give the other "Near do wells" a fighting chance.
It is also worth mentioning that there was a shortlist of 27 albums for me to choose from, I could've rated them all and trimmed off a top 10 quite easily.
This list is five albums that I find fun, touching, calming, aggressive and brilliant.

Oh do enjoy!.. And we're off!

5) The Century Of Self -
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Release date: February 17th
Record Label: Richter Scale Records
Plays on my 302
Noteworthy Tracks: 2) Isis Unveiled, 3) Halcyon Days,
4) Bells Of Creation, 6) Inland Sea.

4) Walk Is Godlike -
Chotto Ghetto

Release date: April 15th
Record Label: Quote Unquote Records
Plays on my 200
Noteworthy Tracks: 2) Between King And Clean,
4) In The Wharehouse Of The 7 Sins, 5) Liquid Diamond Lipstick,
8) Tattooed Holidays.

3) Them Crooked Vultures -
Them Crooked Vultures

Release date: October 26th
Record Label: Interscope / Sony Music
Plays on my 231
Noteworthy Tracks: 2) Mind Eraser, No Chaser, 5) Elephants,
6) Scumbag Blues, 7) Bandoliers, 8) Reptiles, 11) Caligulove,
13) Spinning In Daffodils.

2) The Eternal -
Sonic Youth

Release date: June 9th
Record Label: Matador Records
Plays on my 193
Noteworthy Tracks: 1) Sacred Trickster, 2) Anti-Orgasm,
5) What We Know, 6) Calming The Snake, 7) Poison Arrow,
8) Malibu Gas Station, 9) Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn,
10) No Way.

1) Supporting Caste -

Release date: March 10th
Record Label: G7 Welcoming Committee Records, Smallman Records, Hassle Records.
Plays on my 696
Noteworthy Tracks: 1) Night Letters, 2) Supporting Caste,
4) Dear Coach's Corner,
6) Human(e) Meat (The Flensing Of Sandor Katz),
7) Potemkin City Limits, 9) Without Love,
11) The Banger's Embrace, 12) Last Will & Testament.

I hope you have all enjoyed this list, and may it improve your CD / Vinyl collection in the near future.

Your Mum told me to tell you to pick up milk on the way home.

Now go away.

"When the credits finally, roll for this the, worst story ever, told don’t bother, sifting through the names, for yours or anyone you know. Unless they were by chance a shepherd king, a virgin birth, a resurrection, a messianic prince or some such childish thing. You can storm the edit suite or move to block its theatrical release, but I think we can safely guarantee, that there will be no revisions to the script made on behalf of a supporting cast(e)... Yes."


gusgreeper said...

you put some of those on my computer. we listen to them. where is the Mo-jave man??

Christopher D. Bate said...

I have to check these out. All of them.